Street Theatre Arena

Street Theatre Arena

A spirit of devilish revelry will fill the Viking streets of Wexford as Irish and international street jesters, acrobats and contortionists wow us with their amazing performances.

Come to the Street Theatre Arena on the Quay and see the best of local, national and international talent with performances by Bui Bolg, Tumble Circus, Teeny Tiny Theatre and lots more!

Tumble Circus will perform their outrageous show ‘Circus Divilment!’

Bui Bolg will perform the following hilarious shows:

The Joust
Gather all and witness an epic battle between two Knights in honour of the fair princess. Twists and turns galore in this legendary tale of bravery, chivalry and love!

An Afternoon with the Chancys
Back from their world tour, superstar music duo the Chancy Brothers are home to share their success story with their fans. Join Mick the Bartender in a conversation with the Chancys as they reveal tales of their youth, life on the road and some new music from their upcoming album!

LIVE Cooking with Chef O’Toole
Join veteran presenters Susan and Eric as they learn how to cook with world renowned culinary genius Chef O’Toole. What Susan and Eric don’t realise is that Chef O’Toole has a secret ingredient in his new dish. What could possibly go wrong?

The Street Theatre Arena will run from 2pm to 5pm Saturday to Monday and all events are free.